Ages: 4 - 7

Yoga Fun Kit

  • 50 fun Yoga Pretzels activity cards and yoga mat
  • Learn all the poses
  • Improves balance, strength and well-being



Concentration Focus
Motor Skills
Self Esteem
Concentration Focus
Motor Skills
Self Esteem

Be A Tree!

Kids will love moving and posing. They can be an eagle, a downward facing dog, a tree and a happy baby. And they'll be improving balance, flexibility, strength, attention and over all well-being while having fun.

Playful Posing

Yoga is calming and clears the mind. It's been shown to have a cognitive affect improving memory, attention, thought and language. It's like weightlifting for the brain! Try Partner Pose! Take an activity card and give one to a friend. Work with your partner to link the two poses.

Active : Get Them Moving

Activity strengthens muscles and bones – and self-confidence too. Super-fun ways to blow off some steam.


Ages: 4 - 7 Years
  • Yoga activity cards have exuberant illustrations on the front and explanations on the back.
  • Rubber yoga mat has ridged bottom to prevent slipping, is easy to clean and comes in a soothing blue color.

  • 50 yoga activity cards, 4.96" x 6.97" each (packaged in 5.5" x 7.25" box)
  • 8 page booklet
  • kid-sized yoga mat, 24" x 68"

  • Ages: From: 4 - 7 Years
  • Product Id: SKYOGA