Product Image Stay Engaged: Practicing Empathy

Ages: 9 - 13

Stay Engaged: Practicing Empathy



Concentration Focus
Connection Social Interaction
Self Esteem
Concentration Focus
Connection Social Interaction
Self Esteem

Mind & Body : Be Self-Positive

Feelings like curiosity and kindness actually release chemicals for learning. Mindful ways to build personal strength.


Ages: 9 - 13 Years
Overview: Kids Learn Empathy using this accessibly written book, Stay Engaged: Practicing Empathy by Virginia Loh-Hagan. The 32-page book from the Just Breathe series offers helpful exercises, tips, and activities to manage thoughts and feelings. It is written to appeal to a maturing junior audience, but with a lower level of complexity, with text that is considerate of less-secure readers.
  • Learn To Manage Thoughts And Feelings: The techniques involved in managing thoughts and feelings can be learned early.
  • Cultivate Empathy: Readers are provided with tools on how to empathize with other people and understand their different experiences and perspectives.
  • 32 Pages Of Learning How To Empathize: Contains a table of contents, glossary, and index so information can be easily located.
  • Kids Learn To Think Of Others With Empathy: Learning to see things from others' perspectives can help kids through tough relationship issues, and is a valuable lifelong habit to cultivate.
  • 1 paperback book, size: 7" x 9" - 32 pages

  • Ages: From: 9 - 13 Years
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