Product Image Soft Mirrors, Set of 3

Ages: 6 Months - 2

Soft Mirrors, Set of 3

By Miniland Educational



Imagination Exploration
Motor Skills
Self Expression
Imagination Exploration
Motor Skills
Self Expression

Imagination : Dream Up Fun

Whether being themself or someone else, imaginative play builds social skills. A few thought-starters for young visionaries.


Ages: 6 Months - 2 Years
Overview: Help stimulate the senses and develop curiosity with these soft safety mirrors.
  • UNIQUE NATURAL SHAPES: Three soft safety mirrors in natural shapes provide a visually engaging experience during tummy time play.
  • HIGH-CONTRAST COLOR DESIGNS: Stimulate the sense of sight with vibrant, attention-grabbing colors, enhancing visual stimulation and emotional development.
  • MULTI-SENSORY EXPERIENCE: The crinkly paper inside the mirrors adds a delightful sound and tactile sensation, encouraging sensory exploration and stimulating the senses of hearing and touch.
  • ENHANCE EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The combination of visual and sensory stimuli promotes emotional development, fostering curiosity, engagement, and cognitive growth.

  • Brand: Miniland Educational
  • Ages: From: 6 Months - 2 Years
  • Product Id: SFTMIR3