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Sensory Discoveries Kit


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Ages: All Ages
Overview: Encourage Scientific And Sensory Exploration With 3 Super-Cool Polymers In One Handy Kit! Insta-Snow powder erupts into three gallons of fluffy white "snow" when you add water. Foam Alive shifts and moves right before your eyes when you compress it. The squishy Colorful Growing Orbs get bigger and bigger as they absorb water. Fascinting hands-on explorations with 3 Polymers In One Fun Kit!

  • EXPLORE AND LEARN: Spark an interest in science with these 3 amazing polymers. Kids will love getting knuckle-deep in these three unique substances. They'll learn about polymer science as they explore using their senses of sight and touch. A guaranteed topic of conversation around the dinner table!
  • FOAM ALIVE: 1 Pound Of Unique And Irresistible Polymer Foam: It's alive! (Not really, but it sure does act like it.) You won't find anything else like Foam Alive. Pack it down tight, and it moves in slow motion, changing shape before your very eyes!
  • INSTA-SNOW: Make it Snow Indoors! The kit also comes with Insta-Snow polymer powder that makes three gallons of fluffy white stuff that looks like snow. All you have to do is add water. Let it dry out and reuse it again and again.
  • COLORFUL GROWING ORBS: 6,000 Colorful Orbs Are Fun To Squish And Bounce: Soak the tiny colorful balls in water and watch them grow...and grow...and grow! Kids will love squeezing and rolling them. When they're done exploring, let the orbs dry out and reuse them again another day.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Full-Color Guides Included: Each of these one-of-a-kind polymers comes with its own guide with activity ideas and science information. One double-sided instruction card, size 5" x 7". One 1 lb bag of Foam Alive, color green. One jar (100 g) of Insta-Snow - makes 3 gallons with a coverage area of 30" x 11" x 2" deep. One container of Colorful Growing Orbs (approximately 6000 orbs). A Storage tub with lid to neatly store the three polymers and activity guides (Size: 12"W by 7"D by 6"H).

  • Brand: Really Good Stuff
  • Ages: From: All Ages
  • Product Id: 800307

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