Ages: 2 - 5

Self-Regulation Stones

  • Help kids explore their emotions
  • 12 engaging tactile stones
  • Simple illustrations for expressing feelings



Connection Social Interaction
Self Esteem
Self Expression
Connection Social Interaction
Self Esteem
Self Expression

Identify And Label

Our illustrated stones can help kids identify and express emotions they may not have the words yet to describe. The variety of images offer kids lots of ways to express emotions and feelings. Identifying and labeling emotions is an important first step to understanding feelings and how to respond.

Talk It Out

Kids need adults to help them name and understand emotions. When strong emotions arise, talking can help kids calm down, then they can discuss how to problem solve. Self-Regulation stones are a tactile, physical representation that kids can hold while they manage feelings. Intentional practice leads to self-regulation.

Mind & Body : Be Self-Positive

Feelings like curiosity and kindness actually release chemicals for learning. Mindful ways to build personal strength.


Ages: 2 - 5 Years
  • Foster social emotional development.

  • Great tool to encourage individual and group discussions.

  • Soft, round stones keep little hands safe.

  • 12 illustrated stones measuring approximately 1-3/4" each

  • Ages: From: 2 - 5 Years
  • Product Id: SRSTONES