Ages: 4 - 8

SEL Activities Book: Relaxation Round-Up

By Really Good Stuff®

  • Mindfulness, breathing, and grounding strategies
  • Tools for life
  • Kids imagine, color, draw and write



Imagination Exploration
Self Expression
Imagination Exploration
Self Expression

Mindful Me

We all stress. Kids too. Breathing, mindfulness, and grounding strategies help kids from being overwhelmed by emotions - so they can experience life with a little more ease. Having skills to manage emotions in a healthy way, helps kids face their fears, calm themselves down and cheer themselves up.

Draw It Out

Writing and drawing are great ways to express feelings. This activity book has prompts to help kids use their imagination, draw, color, and write. With opportunities to write song lyrics and positive thoughts, kids reinforce the mindfulness teachings that will help them as they go through their day to day life.

Mind & Body : Be Self-Positive

Feelings like curiosity and kindness actually release chemicals for learning. Mindful ways to build personal strength.


Ages: 4 - 8 Years
  • The activity book has prompts and activities to teach positive coping skills like mindfulness, breathing and grounding strategies.

  • 1 Relaxation Round-Up journal

  • Brand: Really Good Stuff®
  • Ages: From: 4 - 8 Years
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