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Colorations® Assorted Round Paint Brushes - Set of 4


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Ages: 5 - 12 Years
Overview: Set of 4 round tip brushes for painting with most paint mediums. Help kids learn about colors, improve fine motor skills while having fun. Painting encouranges exploration, discovery, connection and expression.

  • EASY TO USE PAINT BRUSHES: Set of 4 assorted sizes with round tips. Handle size provides good control for kids. Large brush for broad strokes and smaller brushes for making detailed, finer strokes. Makes painting easy.
  • VERSATILE: The brush holds plenty of paint and flows smoothly. Can be used with most paints including tempera, gel, watercolors, acrylics. Great for detailed work, adding finishes and highlights.
  • LONG LASTING: Bushes have wooden handles and soft white nylon bristles. They wash well with gentle soap. Dry to reuse your brushes over and over.

  • Brand: Colorations®
  • Ages: From: 5 - 12 Years
  • Product Id: 4LGBRSH

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