Product Image Missing Puppy Map Skills Board Game

Ages: 7 - 10

Missing Puppy Map Skills Board Game

By Really Good Stuff®



Concentration Focus
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Concentration Focus
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving

Engineering : Countless Creations

Try block play after story-time – they’re sure to imagine something new. Great ways to inspire independent play.


Ages: 7 - 10 Years
Overview: Save the Puppy and Learn Map and Measurement Skills Too! This cute and engaging game will give kids practice with map skills as they try to find the missing puppies! The game teaches measurement, understanding the compass, following directions, and approximation. It’s a great real-life social studies and math activity!
  • Make Math And Social Studies Come Alive: Math and social studies become a vibrant, entertaining activity with this Missing Puppy game.
  • Teaches Life Skills: In a world that relies too heavily on electronic GPS for directions, this game strengthens a much- needed real-world skill that often is neglected.
  • Saving Puppies Is Fun: When the task is enjoyable, learning is easy. Intriguing game design focuses players on an emotional task—finding the missing puppies—and kids will practice a valuable life skill while engaged in a diverting challenge.
  • What's Included: 2 laminted game boards - 12" x 13" each, 2 laminted answer key cards - 5" x 7" each, 40 laminted task cards - 5" x 3" each, 4 plastic rulers - 6-3/8" x 1" each, and 1 lidded storage box

  • Brand: Really Good Stuff®
  • Ages: From: 7 - 10 Years
  • Product Id: 165304