Ages: 6 Months - 2

Grip & Stay Blocks

  • Easy to attach and pull apart
  • Multi-colored, tactile building fun
  • stack or build sideways into cool shapes and high towers



Imagination Exploration
Motor Skills
Problem Solving
Imagination Exploration
Motor Skills
Problem Solving

Baby Got Blocks!

Start block play as young as 6 months with our frustration-free grippy block set. Designed so little ones can build at a very young age. Get ready for delighted squeals as your baby thrills at being able to stack and build. Plus, little builders love the sensory fun of these blocks.

Go Grippy

Stack them perfectly aligned. Stack them misaligned. Stack them up. Stack them sideways. Stack them at an angle. Grippy blocks stick together and grip where you put them. They won't tumble down but are easy to pull apart.

Engineering : Countless Creations

Try block play after story-time – they’re sure to imagine something new. Great ways to inspire independent play.


Ages: 6 Months - 2 Years
  • Blocks come in high contrast colors.
  • Interlocking pattern offers sensory stimulation and makes blocks easy to attach and pull apart. No need to align the blocks perfectly.

  • 20 blocks, 2" square each

  • Ages: From: 6 Months - 2 Years
  • Product Id: GRIPBLOK
  • Manufacturer: Toy Hero