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Foam Alive and Molds Kit


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Ages: All Ages
Overview: Invite Kids To Explore Shapes And Patterns By Molding This Unique And Fascinating Polymer Foam That Moves! Young scientists simply squeeze the one-of-a-kind polymer foam into the plastic molds, then turn the molds over and shake lightly. After a few seconds, the shapes will release and begin to move right before their very eyes!

  • UNIQUE: There's No Other Foam Like This! It's alive! (Not really, but it sure does act like it.) This amazing polymer is completely one of a kind. You won't find it anywhere else. Pack it down tight, and it moves in slow motion, changing shape before your very eyes.
  • SET INCLUDES: One 1 lb bag of Foam Alive (blue). 4 Sturdy Plastic Molds In Fun Shapes ( 3"W x 3"D x 1"H each). One 5" x 7" double-sided, full-color instruction card. One plastic storage tub with lid (12"W by 7"D by 6"H).
  • HANDS-ON: Kids press the foam into molds to form moons, spheres, stars, and geometric shapes. They'll have hands-on fun learning about polymers, shapes, and patterns. Give young kids an interactive way to explore shapes and patterns with this slow-moving polymer foam and sturdy plastic molds.
  • STORAGE: Storage Tub Included: Once kids start playing with this fascinating substance, it's very hard to stop. But when they finally do, just put the foam and the molds back in the included plastic storage tub until you're ready to use them again.
  • CLEANUP: The foam sticks together, making cleanup a breeze.

  • Brand: Really Good Stuff
  • Ages: From: All Ages
  • Product Id: 800319

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