Product Image Feel Rooted: Being Connected

Ages: 9 - 13

Feel Rooted: Being Connected



Concentration Focus
Connection Social Interaction
Self Esteem
Concentration Focus
Connection Social Interaction
Self Esteem

Mind & Body : Be Self-Positive

Feelings like curiosity and kindness actually release chemicals for learning. Mindful ways to build personal strength.


Ages: 9 - 13 Years
Overview: Kids Learn To Stay Engaged In The Moment With This Book, Feel Rooted: Being Connected by Virginia Loh-Hagan. The 32-page book from the Just Breathe searies offers helpful exercises, tips, and activities to manage thoughts and feelings. It is written to appeal to a maturing junior audience, but with a lower level of complexity, with text that is considerate of less-secure readers.
  • Learn To Manage Thoughts And Feelings: The techniques involved in managing thoughts and feelings can be learned early and will be a valuable life skill.
  • Stay Connected And Engaged: This book, from the Just Breathe series, provides readers with tools on how to stay engaged in the moment and with others throughout the day.
  • 32 Pages Of Learning How To Stay Engaged: Contains a table of contents, glossary, and index so information can be easily located.
  • Kids Can Quiet Anxiety: Kids can benefit from learning how to soothe their thoughts and calm their anxieties by staying present. This book is especially helpful for those who wrestle with mood disorders and learning problems.
  • 1 paperback book, size: 7" x 9" - 32 pages

  • Ages: From: 9 - 13 Years
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