Product Image Dino Fossil Dig Science Education Kit

Ages: 8 - 13

Dino Fossil Dig Science Education Kit

By National Geographic



Concentration Focus
Imagination Exploration
Problem Solving
Concentration Focus
Imagination Exploration
Problem Solving

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Ages: 8 - 13 Years
Overview: An exciting hands-on adventure! This dig kit gives kids the tools to do the work of a real paleontologist as they excavate a T-rex tooth replica from our new, larger dig brick. This T-rex tooth was molded from a real T-rex tooth fossil, so kids will have the chance to see, feel, and treasure an artifact from one of the most famous and fearsome dinosaurs yet discovered. The dig tool and brush are similar to the tools paleontologists use in the field, providing an authentic scientific activity that can ignite a desire to learn more. Not only is it an interactive and engaging STEM toy, it also provides kids with incredible keepsakes. They'll discover a T-rex tooth within the dig brick, they also receive a genuine coprolite (dino poop) fossil!This Science Kit Includes:
  • Extra large dig brick with T-rex tooth fossil replica
  • Dig tools and brush for your young Paleontologist
  • Genuine coprolite (dino poop) fossil
  • Detailed learning guide packed with educational information about fossils, paleontology, and the mighty T-rex

  • AN EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURE - Children become immersed in the prehistoric era and will discover amazing dinosaur facts with National Geographic’s full-color learning guide
  • HANDS-ON EXPLORATION - Become a paleontologist! This interactive archeological dig lets kids experience the thrill of discovery!

  • Brand: National Geographic
  • Ages: From: 8 - 13 Years
  • Product Id: FOSSDIG