Ages: 3 - 6

Zoom and Move - Moods™ Social Emotional Art Kit

By Colorations®

  • Travel through life with hope and determination
  • Restorative and therapeutic paint hues
  • Includes everything needed for 3 art projects



Imagination Exploration
Self Esteem
Self Expression
Imagination Exploration
Self Esteem
Self Expression

The Power Of Color

Art is a mode of self-expression that enhances confidence and creative thinking. The colors chosen can express emotion but can also affect how we feel. In the psychology of color, blue is the most calming. It invokes trust, and shades of blue are best for relaxation. Silver signals reflection and change of direction while white conveys new beginnings and an open mind.

What Color Are You Feeling?

Color is a great way for little ones to express their feelings. Emotions come in a wide range and are hard for young kids to name and understand. Color is a way they can express big things they don't have words yet to describe. Ask your child what color is in their heart today.

Arts : Cultivate Creativity

A variety of art kits and supplies helps kids express their individuality. More creative ideas for your young artist.


Ages: 3 - 6 Years
  • An all inclusive art kit with restorative effect. These kits are an engaging way for kids to foster a sense of calm and put their mind at ease.
  • All Colorations® products are quality tested and safe for children. Non-toxic and free from most common allergens; latex, dairy, casein, egg, gluten, peanut, tree nut and soy.

  • wooden car
  • wooden plane
  • wooden car shaped ornament
  • 4 paint colors, 2 oz each - silver, white, blue, and sky blue
  • re-usable paint palette
  • 3 natural paint brushes

  • Brand: Colorations®
  • Ages: From: 3 - 6 Years
  • Product Id: RESTORE2