Ages: 4 - 8

Color Break Kit

  • Great kit for when the creative urge strikes
  • Beautiful, bright colors
  • Markers, colored pencils, paper and animal stencils



Imagination Exploration
Self Expression
Imagination Exploration
Self Expression

Free-Flowing Color

This full pack of colorful art tools is like taking a little vacation for the mind. Let kids doodle away in a playful and creative way. Lions, dinosaurs, giraffes. It's hard to choose! They'll be fully immersed. See what colorful animal creations they can bring to life.

Bright & Beautiful

The fun of animals and color combined. The appeal of color to kids is universal. Nurture their love of animals with this fun and color bright art set. It's a great way to learn about animals and what environment they live in or to create abstract animal art creations.

Arts : Cultivate Creativity

A variety of art kits and supplies helps kids express their individuality. More creative ideas for your young artist.


Ages: 4 - 8 Years
  • 12 bold animal stencil shapes for young artists to explore and learn about animals. Plastic stencils can be washed and used again and again.
  • Colorations® Colored Pencils have a hexagonal shape for easy gripping. Each pre-sharpened colored pencil is made from sustainable linden wood. The color core is oversized for more strength and less breakage, and has beautiful color laydown.
  • Colorations® Markers are easy for small hands to use and control, and the bold ink colors are fully washable.

  • 16 markers - black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, purple, yellow, fuchsia, gray, lime, magenta, tangerine, teal, turquoise, and violet.
  • 12 colored pencils - black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, yellow, and violet
  • 12 animal shaped stencils, 8" x 8" each - lion, cow, fish, rabbit, frog, dinosaur, giraffe, and more
  • 100 sheets of art paper, 9" x 12"

  • Ages: From: 4 - 8 Years
  • Product Id: SKCOLOR