Ages: 3 - 6

Calming Light Blocks - 50 Pieces

By Excellerations®



Concentration Focus
Critical Thinking
Imagination Exploration
Concentration Focus
Critical Thinking
Imagination Exploration

Engineering : Countless Creations

Try block play after story-time – they’re sure to imagine something new. Great ways to inspire independent play.


Ages: 3 - 6 Years
Overview: The Calming Light Blocks offer hands-on learning fun and imaginative play. Kids can explore shapes, sizes, and spatial sense while building translucent houses, castles, bridges, and so much more! Kids love to see what they can create next! Ideal for small groups or individual play. Storage bin included.
  • CALMING COLORS: The 50-piece set features 6 shapes in 6 translucent, calming tones of blue, light blue, aqua, green, grey, and clear. The smallest piece measures 1-3/10" diameter; the largest piece measures 4" L x 1-3/10" W x 1-3/10" H. Pieces are made of soft, durable plastic and can be washed with soap and water. A plastic storage bin is included for easy clean up.
  • PROMOTES EARLY GEOMETRY SKILLS: Kids learn patterning, spatial relationships, problem solving, and geometric shape recognition. The blocks include cubes, cylinders, rectangles, right triangles, isosceles triangles, and arches.
  • GREAT FOR LIGHT TABLE DISPLAY: Kids will enjoy exploring calming colors and light with the translucent blocks. Soft colors like blues and greens are soothing, and the blocks are perfect to use with a light box or even in natural light.
  • ENCOURAGES CREATIVITY: This light block set is ideal for kids to build any structure their imagination can dream up!
  • TACTILE FUN: The easy-to-grasp blocks help kids develop fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception skills.

  • Brand: Excellerations®
  • Ages: From: 3 - 6 Years
  • Product Id: MODBLKS
  • Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Discount School Supply®