Ages: 3 - 5

Band-In-A-Box Musical Instruments

By Melissa & Doug ®

  • Explore music and sounds
  • 6 instruments and storage crate
  • Wide range of sounds



Connection Social Interaction
Imagination Exploration
Self Expression
Connection Social Interaction
Imagination Exploration
Self Expression

Shake, Rattle & Ding!

It's music to their ears. So strike up the band. Playing instruments, especially percussion instruments has so many benefits for young ones. Banging, clanging, shaking, tapping. It all helps with sensory development and can accelerate brain development too. Jump in and make some music with your little rock star.

Marvelous Music-Makers

Kids are fascinated by all kinds of sounds. Keep the enthusiasm going with some fun games. Tap a beat to a favorite song or to a nursery rhyme. What instrument can make a sound like a clopping horse or rain falling? Play the echo game. Tap a simple rhythm then echo it back.

Music : Harmonize Fun

Sounds and songs can improve reading, math and social development. More toys with the magic of music.


Ages: 3 - 5 Years
  • Explore music and sounds with 6 percussion instruments.
  • Different tones, volume, and rhythm can be experienced with the many instruments.

  • tambourine
  • cymbals
  • maracas
  • clacker
  • tone blocks
  • triangle
  • sturdy wooden storage crate, 3" x 11" x 14-3/4"

  • Brand: Melissa & Doug ®
  • Ages: From: 3 - 5 Years
  • Product Id: BANDBOX
  • Manufacturer: Melissa & Doug ®