Ages: 3 - 6

Around The Town Playset Kit

  • Wooden community buildings, and 16 cars and trucks
  • Bright colors and contemporary designs
  • Encourages pretend play and imagination



Creative Thinking
Imagination Exploration
Self Expression
Creative Thinking
Imagination Exploration
Self Expression

Make A Town!

Your little city planner can create a great community with Around The Town Wooden Structures, Cars and Trucks. Kids will have all the essential structures for their make believe worlds full of adventures, heroic moments and imaginative stories. Try making streets using painters tape for enhanced play.

A World Of Pretend

Pretend play fosters creativity and is a great space for kids to try out new roles and act out scenarios of their own choosing. Parents can introduce situations then ask "what will happen next?" See how kids respond and where their imagination goes.

Imagination : Dream Up Fun

Whether being themself or someone else, imaginative play builds social skills. A few thought-starters for young visionaries.


Ages: 3 - 6 Years
  • Community structures have entrances and exits for cars and trucks to easily drive through.
  • Wooden MDF structures are designed with inner braces so they are held firmly together.
  • Clear top coat varnish on buildings, cars and trucks allows for easy cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • Cars and trucks are easy for small hands to grasp and maneuver on smooth surfaces or rugs.

Includes: Community Structures
  • fire station
  • hospital
  • school
  • police station
  • pet shop
  • gas station
  • pizzeria

  • 5 cars and vans
  • 3 pickup trucks

  • school bus
  • fire truck
  • police car
  • taxi
  • ice cream truck
  • US mail truck
  • ambulance
  • city bus

  • Ages: From: 3 - 6 Years
  • Product Id: SKTOWN