Ages: 4 - 6

African Music Instruments and African Bolga Market Basket

By Discount School Supply®

  • 6 authentic African music instruments
  • Market basket hand-woven in village co-ops in Ghana, West Africa
  • Proceeds from each purchase support villages with healthcare and school supplies



Connection Social Interaction
Imagination Exploration
Self Expression
Connection Social Interaction
Imagination Exploration
Self Expression

Shake It, Shake It!

These six authentic West African musical instruments each make a unique sound. Kids will delight in the hand-crafted, natural shakers, rattles and bells while developing gross and fine motor skills too. They'll experience sounds of instruments from another part of the world while jumping and dancing to their own new beats.

Music Your Mind

Playing with musical instruments builds pathways in the brain. Pathways that speed up brain development in the areas of language development, speech, listening, and reading skills (according to a 5-year study by the University of Southern California). So, let them jam!

Culture : Broaden Minds

Show them new people, places and cultures, and spark a love of the world. Toys and projects with a global view.


Ages: 4 - 6 Years
  • Bolga Market Baskets are handmade using local, natural materials. Baskets are hand-woven in village co-ops in Ghana, West Africa.
  • Set of 6 African musical instruments handmade in West Africa:
  • Nigerian Shekere are made from the thickest gourds and are played by twisting, tapping, shaking and pulling the netting.
  • Ghanaian Caxixi Rattle is woven out of river grass and colored with fabric dyes in Ghana. Shake the rattle on its side and turn it so the pebbles hit the calabash, or just hit the side of the rattle.
  • Ghanaian Calabash Rattle is made from a gourd with a woven cane base and handle. It is filled with pebbles, bottle caps, or seeds to create a bell-like sound.
  • Nigerian Agogo Bell features two bells with distinct pitches and can be played with included mallet.
  • African Piccolo Cabasa is made of wood, with a black painted finish and 6 rows of metal beads. The piccolo cabasa is a smaller, higher pitched version of a full-size cabasa, perfect for early learners. It features a unique ergonomic handle that makes it easier and more comfortable for a child to play.
  • Ghanaian Musical Ball is made from a small, hollowed out pumpkin gourd and is similar to an egg shaker. They are filled with pebbles, sea-shells, or bottle caps to create a unique sound.

  • Bolga market basket - each basket is unique, size, shape and color may vary, 16" - 18" diameter
  • Nigerian Shekere, 5" to 6" diameter
  • Ghanaian Caxixi Rattle, 8" H
  • Ghanaian Calabash Rattle, approx. 4-1/2" diameter x 8-1/4" L
  • Nigerian Agogo Bell, 10-1/2" L
  • African Piccolo Cabasa, 2-3/4" diameter x 6" L
  • Ghanaian Musical Ball, approx. 4-1/2" diameter

  • Brand: Discount School Supply®
  • Ages: From: 4 - 6 Years
  • Product Id: AFRICA
  • Manufacturer: Westco Educational Products