SmarterKids® PROMISE


We want to empower you to help your kids learn the skills and knowledge they need through fun play. As a parent, you have a big job. There is a lot to know to raise a happy kid who can successfully navigate the increasingly competitive world.

We're boiling down our 35 plus years of education expertise to give you a curated toy selection with better search capabilities while providing digestible, meaningful information that you can put to use every day. We want to make your home a place where kids thrive.

SmarterKids is here to bring kids fun toys that build essentials skills.

Designed to help with your kid's learning and development

SmarterKids provides high quality, fun toys and products for play that are also specifically designed to help with your kid’s learning and development. From the toys we create to the ones we select from trusted resources, our learning and development professionals are subject matter experts. They stay apprised of the latest research and trends, and are innovative thinkers. How kids learn at the various ages and stages is a huge consideration. In the toy development process, we consider things like how the brain learns, the different learning styles, and how emotions impact the cognitive process.

And our guiding star is fun. When kids are having fun, they are open, more curious and retain information better.


We know you don’t need another toy that doesn’t get played with. So, we learn from the best – kids who know a thing or two about play! Kids have a natural sense of curiosity, and our job is to align and amplify that. Kids truly have the highest standards. SmarterKids’ toy designers and developers work with kids so that our toys surprise, delight and bring them joy.